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About Canadian Natural Horsemanship

Our Love for Horses Is Our Strategy To Constantly Improve
Canadian Natural Horsemanship has been developed to effectively reach the needs of equine enthusiasts. Its goals are to reach all levels of horsemen/horsewomen to develop safer, affordable, informative, step by step user friendly techniques that apply for all disciplines of horsemanship.

We Offer A Variety Of Programs
  • Our clinics' 6 participant limit creates a relaxed, positive learning environment where individuals receive ample personal, hands on instruction.
  • Throughout the program, many examples are given as well as question and answer time periods, demonstrating and discussing common handler mistakes and horse problems.
  • The programs revolve on the principle of building mind, looking for responses and acceptance in a progressive and positive approach, based on being assertive rather than aggressive.

About Nettie

Nettie Barr is a passionate force in the horse industry. As owner and founder of Canadian Natural Horsemanship Inc., Nettie has been conducting clinics since 1999 and has developed her own philosophy, style and teaching methodologies. Nettie is well known for her personal approach to setting up both horse and handler for success with lasting results.

Nettie is a member of the A.Q.H.A. (American Quarter Horse Association), A.P.H.A. (American Paint Horse Association), International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association; and was awarded the title of “Professional Horsewoman” by both the A.P.H.A. and the A.Q.H.A.. She is a former board member of the Alberta Equestrian Federation; a present board member for Horse Industry Association of Alberta; a Registered Paint Horse and Azteca Breeder; and a member of several curricular focus groups for N.A.I.T. (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology), Grande Prairie Regional College Fairview and the Green Certificate Program. Nettie is a recognized Horse Specialist that has served as a program developer, consultant, clinician, and a guest speaker for various clubs, businesses, organizations, colleges and universities. Nettie has a gift for reaching people of all ages with her positive, passionate approach that empowers students, instructors, professionals, and horse enthusiasts with a deeper knowledge of the equine. Nettie has expanded into the area of motivation and leadership presentations drawing parallels between natural horsemanship and leadership in the work force..

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